Stainless Steel Horizontal Railings:

We understand your project requirements, take your CAD drawings as an input, and fabricate stainless steel horizontal railings in its entirety at our workshop to suit your aesthetic and quality benchmarks.

Stainless Steel Glass Railings:

We specialise in fabricating stainless steel glass railings and decking balustrades used in commercial construction projects. Whether you need standard size steel railings or have bespoke designs, we can help.

Stainless Steel Tables and Chairs:

We manufacture contemporary-styled stainless steel and mild steel (MS) furniture that suit aesthetic considerations of your project be it a popular mall's food court or an IT commercial park's breaking area.

Channels and Angles:

We have been fabricating straight-legged and tapered-legged 304 stainless steel channels and angles which find applications in numerous structural applications due to their excellent mechanical properties.

Steel Carpet Edges and Corner Guards:

We can handle all types of fabrication work for steel carpet edge trims as well as corner guards. Whether you need trims or corner guards to accommodate a plush restaurant or a residential project, we can help.

Stainless Steel Handles:

We have the proven expertise to fabricate handles that are made of 304-graded stainless steel. Whether you require a matt finish or a glossy appearance, we can deliver top-class handles in various patterns.

Other SS/MS Products:

We also fabricate lifts, ceiling claddings, canopies, gates, handrails, louvers, and other interior/exterior finishes from stainless steel and mild steel to serve various architectural and structural requirements.